We ask all participants (regardless of presentation type) to provide us a written article about their presentation for the proceedings. The conference contributions will be collected and reviewed. They are going to be published in a proceedings book by the Austrian Academy of Sciences Press, which should be released in autumn 2017. We plan to keep up our tradition and publish the ''Planetary Radio Emissions VIII'' proceedings book in the same layout and format as the books of the previous seven workshops, so that it will add neatly to the ''silver series'' PRE books. Additionally we plan to produce a memory stick with all papers from PRE 1-8. Book and memory stick will be sent to each conference participant at no additional costs. For your contribution please take notice of the following page limits:

Contributed papers (talks & posters): 8 pages; Invited papers: 12 pages

Note that your whole manuscript including figures and references has to be within this page limit. We ask you to deliver your contribution as Latex file, and style files and templates can be downloaded here:

  1. The Latex style file pro12.cls;
  2. the file called mypre8paper.tex where you can easily fill in your text in any text editor;
  3. the file references.tex where many references are listed alphabetically for you to select them for copy and paste into your manuscript:
  4. an example file example.tex which can be compiled but has no figures

There is no limit on the usage of colour figures. Please convert your figures to ps or eps format for usage within Latex, but also provide your figures in the original graphic format. Keep in mind that the jpg format is only appropriate for photos, but not really for scientific diagrams. Please send your contribution via email to the main organizer of the workshop ().

The deadline for your proceedings article has been extended to Friday, March 31st, 2017!

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